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Recognising our heroes

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Recognising our heroes



A large team of passionate and committed people make the Centrum® Guardian Project possible.



True stories of courage, passion and determination

The Centrum® Guardian Project acknowledges and salutes the vital role that the South African Emergency and Rescue Services perform every day; and showcases true-life incidents of immense courage by Fire Fighters, Rescue Technicians, Paramedics, Lifeguards, Off-Road and Sea Rescue volunteers, and South African Police Emergency Services Members.

These are people whose skill, dedication and commitment goes largely unnoticed – until their expertise and courage is needed, usually in crises. They are the men and women who "rush in where angels fear to tread"; who defy the most basic human impulse - to flee from fire, flood and danger – in order to save our lives.

Over the past six years, the Centrum® Guardian Project has featured 49 individuals and teams who have performed exceptional rescues. These true incidents of courage, passion and determination have been showcased in print, across digital platforms and on television as the highly popular mini documentary dramas hosted by Ruda Landman.

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The unimaginable happens across the spectrum of nature and life. The courage and determination highlighted in the last six years have included flood water rescues, rip current sea rescues, underwater dive rescues, waterfall rescues and helicopter rescues. Roaring building fires, burning car rescues, shack fires and mountain forest fires have tested human endurance. Miraculous resuscitations, saving an unborn baby, treating a child mauled by a dog and saving children from a swarm of bees touched the hearts of many. From urban suicide rescues to mountain rope rescues; bus accidents where scores of lives were saved to one where a young girl's arm is saved were just some of the stories that placed the spotlight on the true human spirit, operating at 100%.

The Centrum® Guardian Project has given the South African public a glimpse into the lives of our Emergency and Rescue Services Personnel and established a better understanding and a greater level of respect among all South Africans for the work of our Emergency and Rescue Services personnel. It has created a sense of national pride and gratitude for these strangers, who take such care with the lives of those they may never meet again.

Join us as we honour and applaud this incredible community of people, whose dedication and strength forms the backbone of safer communities.

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